Jannuary 2022 - New T2T Y-SNPs identified, new subgrouping (S781a, FTT41, FTT48, A306)

April 2019 - FGC74572 (19362558 GA) A major S781a downstream SNP

April 2019 - James Stewart of Pierston and Warwickhill phylogenetic tree

This tree is based on reliable and stable Y-SNPs and y-STRs variants analysed with YFULL tools. It will be precised and/or completed with new NGS tests results.

February 2019 - The case of A22207 marker (17651002 GA) one Stewart of Appin ancestry indicator

September 2018 - Complex regions of Y Chromosome that could generate errors into phylogenetic studies

The case of A17094 Line show us how it is important to identify SNPs that could be false positives because they belong to complex regions of Y chromosome. Last FTDNA BigY results analysed into A17094 Line produced an uncoherent subgrouping. Cousins B59459 and B84999 are positive for SNP A22671 but not for A5025. Cousins B84999 and 115205 are positive for SNP A5025 but not for A22671. It's impossible. In fact we must retain A5025 as a true SNP. A22671 belong to DIZ19 region of chromosome Y and is certainly here a false positive.