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  This page is devoted to work in Genetic Genealogy concerning the descendants of Sir John Stewart of Bonkyll.
  All Patrilineal descendants of this medieval Stewart have the mutation known as S781.
  This page is related to the DNA Companies Research Groups about SNP S781+.
  The goal of these groups is to identify new SNPs that can restore links between families that have been separated for many generations.
  Actually Genetic Genealogy is the best way to recover your ancestry without any paper records.

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Sir John Stewart of Bonkyll (died 22 July 1298) was a son of Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward of Scotland. He was a military commander during the First Scottish War of Independence and during the Battle of Falkirk, he commanded the Scottish archers, and was killed during the battle. He is interred in the churchyard of the Falkirk Old Parish Church.


Royal descendants

He is the direct paternal ancestor of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, the second husband of his brother's descendant, Mary, Queen of Scots.
Thus, he is a direct agnatic ancestor of James VI of Scotland, who later became James I of England in 1603. This accession of James I united the thrones of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Marriage and children

He married Margaret de Bonkyl (Bonkill), daughter of Sir Alexander de Bonkyl. They had issue:
1 - Sir Alexander Stewart of Bonkyll died in 1319.
2 - Sir Alan Stewart of Dreghorn died on 19 July 1333 during the battle of Halidon Hill. Ancestor of the Earls of Lennox, James VI and I and through him the present royal family of the United Kingdom.
3 - Sir Walter Stewart of Dalswinton. Ancestor of the Stewarts of Garlies, later Earls of Galloway and Lords Blantyre
4 - Sir James Stewart of Pierston and Warwickhill died on 19 July 1333 during the battle of Halidon Hill. Ancestor of the Stewart Lords of Lorne, Earls of Atholl, Earls of Buchan, Earls of Traquair and Clan Stewart of Appin.
5 - Sir John Stewart of Dalder died on 19 July 1333 during the battle of Halidon Hill.
6 - Isabella Stewart, married Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray, son of Sir Thomas Randolph. She died sometime after 15 July 1351.
8 - Sir Robert Stewart of Daldowie, ancestor of the Steuart of Coltness, Goodtrees and AllanBank..
9 - Sir Hugh Stewart.


Dr Jim Wilson discovered the SNP S781 which arose in Sir John Stewart of Bonkyll. It was first included in Chromo2 test provided by ScotlandDNA.

Tests for SNP S781 are sold by FTDNA and YSEQ. They have allowed us to split the Ancient Stewart family into two sub-families : Descendants of James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland, have tested S781-, while descendants of Sir John Stewart of Bonkyll have tested S781+. 

You can be tested for SNP S781 for only $ 17.50 :


Next generation sequencing (NGS) tests can help us to scientifically prove where each member of this S781+ family belongs on a phylogenetic tree.
Results from NGS tests and especially new SNPs are presented in these tables :

Alex Williamson DF41 Tree



These SNPs are downstream of S781 and can establish new intersections and links between testers and their families. The more members of our Stewart family order NGS tests, the more accurate our family tree will become. The results of FTDNA BigY tests have been especially helpful.


Dr Jim Wilson found other SNPS that are specific to the Lennox Lines via a Full Y test of a ducal descendant of King Charles II Stuart. A £ 189.00 (about US$310) Chromo2 test can show whether or not you have one of these six mutations. 
N.B : If you test negative for SNP S768 you will test negative for all six of these mutations (YSEQ's test for SNP S768 costs only $17.50).


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- How next generation sequencing (NGS) tests can help us to scientifically prove where each member of this family belongs on a phylogenetic tree is explained via this ~6 minute VIDEO.

- About Big Y DNA Test

- About Full Genome Test

- About Chromo2 Test


You will find all individuals born between 1245 and 1807 (divided in 29 familial genealogical trees).
You can explore trees and sub-trees by clicking on internal links or you can directly access a specific branch by using the Navigator tool.

This family tree could be improved. Any Corrections and Suggestions are welcome.



Outdated online sources may generate mistakes or confusion. One famous example is the Stewart of Castlemilk Line. It was once thought that it issued from William Stewart of Darnley (died in 1429 in France). In fact this family descends from one John Stewart of Castlemilk.

You may have to examine more than one database and source in order to correctly identify an ancestor.

Historical, genealogical and philantropic societies or specialists may provide helpful genealogical information.


STR Markers are useful for recent cousinages in Genetic Genealogy



Larry Walker DF41 STR Tree


Belinda Dettmann STR111 Diagram (12/2014)



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